What exactly does leap do?

We Provide Housing

Our Team Provides Support In The Home and In the Community

Our Team Provides Support In The Home and In the Community

Leveraging Equal Access Program (LEAP) is a non-profit, adult family home agency established to assist individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. LEAP staff and consultants work collaboratively with individuals, their natural supports, families and the Regional Centers across California. Our staff are experienced, highly trained, and genuinely eager to assist. We listen and pay close attention to the needs and wants of the individuals we serve. 

LEAP Family Homes are thoroughly vetted for safety, comfort and community access. Each home is inspected from top to bottom, checking the details to ensure it meets the health and safety standards of the LEAP brand. These homes have each fawcet, toilet, railing, stair, window, smoke alarm and even the water temperature inspected for safety and ease of use. 

In many ways, LEAP functions like foster care, but for adults with developmental disabilities. We train potential home providers to work with our clients. We prepare them for understanding and assisting  individuals with a broad spectrum of developmental/intellectual disabilities and abilities. 

LEAP's focus is on matchinghome providers and individuals we serve. We do not place people because there is an open bedroom. We look at schedules, lifestyles, interests, socio-cultural commonalities, religious preferences, love of pets, and commonalities to bring people together. 

LEAP is not intended to be a short term response to a housing problem. It is intended to be long term support and services enriching the lives of all participants. LEAP is intended to open the hearts and minds of the communities we all live in. We believe there is enough room for everyone.

Our Team Provides Support In The Home and In the Community

Our Team Provides Support In The Home and In the Community

Our Team Provides Support In The Home and In the Community

LEAP only hires experienced, altruistic Social Workers and Staff. Our social workers, supervisors, resource coordinators and outreach staff are seasoned, educated and work at LEAP because it is truly their passion. 

Our Multidisciplinary 

team includes:

  • An Advisory Board  inclusive of individuals with developmental disabilities
  • Social Workers
  • Community Outreach Specialists
  • Behavior Analysts 
  • Psychologists
  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers
  • Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Nurses (RNs & LVNs)
  • Licensed Dietitians /Nutritionists 
  • Health and Wellness Counselors
  • Personal trainers
  • Client support professionals
  • Program Coordinators
  • Service Coordinators
  • Resource Coordinators
  • Recreational Therapists
  • Exceptionally skilled Home Providers
  • Adult Living Skills Specialists
  • Adaptive Living Skills Specialists

We assist with independence and community integration

Our Team Provides Support In The Home and In the Community

We assist with independence and community integration

Our community is full of people who want to help. We work to connect the people providing services with the individuals who need them.

LEAP is a collaborative effort. Our community of family home providers and professional staff come together to form an interdependent network, combining resources and knowledge. We are constantly collecting data to optimize efficiency and move toward equal access to the quality of life our consumers choose to live. We learn from one another. Through a partnership with the Regional Centers throughout California and the community, we help push the limits of expectation and confidence in the lives of individuals with disabilities.  

LEAP's unique wrap around approach to working with individuals can be provided in the community, at home, with the individual's family, through natural supports, or in our offices. We provide an unparalleled, person- centers, strengths-based team approach to working with an individual. For example; LEAP can have a coordinated team comprised of a therapist, RN and Nutritioninst provide long term services to an individual. Each of the respective LEAP consultants coordinates with the individual through the LEAP social worker and in conjunction with the home provider to find an approach that works for the individual. This includes timing, style, and ability. A key difference in how we apply our services is the "wraparound approach". This approach is rooted in the transfer of skills. Our professionals work with the individuals and simultaneously with home provider to transfer skills to them. These skills can be used in their daily interaction, promoting long term change rather than "quick fixes" to put a band-aid on the inconvenience of learning through our differences. 

 We also assist in mediating relationships and educating the larger community about the multitude of contributions our clients bring.

LEAP is Rooted in the Relationship

Stability. Support. Compassion. Tolerance. Dignity. Recognition

The Leveraging Equal Access Program  (LEAP) provides housing and customized supports to individuals with developmental or intellectual disabilities and their families. The largest component of our organization is the Adult Family Home Agency (AFHA).

As an AFHA, we provide a family-home environment with stability, support, tolerance and most of all compassion for the individuals we serve. We offer a home base from which our clients can thrive as individuals and maintain the level of independence they desire.  Our experienced staff are in constant pursuit of community opportunities for the individuals we serve. The individuals we serve are assisted through a matching process with a home provider. The consumer and home providers decide mutually on the match. If they feel it is a good fit, we support them both in keeping the relationships healthy and promoting independence.  Our home providers are highly trained and willing to open up their homes and hearts. to a population too often ignored and deserving of our respect.

LEAP is a strengths based, evidence driven program. We have formed national and local community partnerships promoting equal rights and advocacy at every level of service. Our professionals' collective knowledge and experience serving individuals with disabilities spans generations and clearly displays a record of unparalleled commitment and excellence. We collect and synthesize data constantly, allowing our multidisciplinary team to better coordinate systems of care for our consumer's benefit. Accessing employment, medical care, mediating financial conflict and behavioral health assistance are just a few of the areas LEAP can provide additional supports.  

The culmination of our experience and expertise helps to identify and exhibit the strength  and potential in the individuals we serve.  We aim to highlight their many contributions to our world.